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ok, i have 06 Civic coupe. I know lately i've sorta crammed some laundry baskets and other junk in my trunk almost to capacity. maybe this damaged it somehow.

but yesterday it seemed fine. today I press the button and i can hear the trunk clicking inside, but nothing opens. I try pulling on the trunk while pressing button and nothing.

I tried the lever on the side of my seat and it pulls up but nothing "catches". again, nothing happens with the trunk...just the same clicking noise..

I know that my trunk is not full right now and there shouldn't be anything caught in between or anything.... I tried stopping abruptly while driving forward and backwards to see if it would shake anything loose. still nothing.

the only thing abnormal from yesterday was, because my trunk was pretty full, when I pressed the button the door only opened part way because a laundry basket had caught something...but i was able to manually open the door. hopefully I can get this open!

what to do?

No, I don't have the valet lock on. I've tried locking and unlocking many times. it's not that.

I'm out of warrantee- i called the dealer and of course they want me to bring it in.

I"ve called locksmith--nothing he can really do. he advised me to put weight on the trunk while trying to open it.

the only thing is...how do I fold down the back seats? the only levers are in the trunk...so I can't fold down the back seats! :'(

i've tried putting pressure on my trunk and tried pulling up or pushing forward while pressing the open button....

sigh...there is no key hole in the trunk for EX and Si models.

ive taken most of the bottom seat cushion off, and that doesn't seem like it will lead anywhere either.

there has GOT to be a way to fold the seats without getting INTO the trunk.

what if a kid gets stuck in the trunk? and doesn't know how to push the little button on the inside?!

or a pet?

your kid plays a prank and locks your pet inside your trunk...and it gets jammed.....what then?!


will the dealership be able to do ANYTHING?

thank you for your help.

Valet lock wouldn't stop it from opening from the remote anyways. I bet the dealer might do a goodwill thing and help ya out. probably take the rear seats out or go thru the deck to un stick it.

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I tried prying the subwoofer cover during lunch to no avail. it's in there really good and it's damaging the rest of the cover to pry a flathead screwdriver in there.

i don't care too much, but is there an easier way to do it?

there's not much room to dig the screwdriver in and little leverage to pry it off.

I was thinking maybe I could drill a couple holes in the cover carefully and then yank the cover off (damaging just the cover).

I could later replace the cover or just go without...i have really dark tint and the middle head rest covers it up.....

that video of the LED brake light only applies if you have the seat folded down... :(

Please help!

why haven't you asked the dealer to do a goodwill fix? The service guys are not monsters

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i don't know what i'd do without a car... can't really afford to pay for much right now..like a rental, etc. i've talked to a couple dealerships and it doesn't seem like they're gonna do it for free. gonna charge around 2 hours of labor most likely D:

In person? you showed them? maybe they are just nicer around here. Its such a oddball thing that I cant see why they wouldnt have a laugh and help you out
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