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i don;t get what the point of a valet lock is.....if you're locking your trunk....but the valet guy who has your key can simply unlock it next to the lever for the trunk release....

thank you for pointing me to this thread: Honda-Tech.com: Honda Civic (2006 - Current): 06 Civic trunk won't pop open!

I"m gonna try to do what this guy did.... unscrew the backseat enough so that I can stick my hand far enough to get the backseat release levers.... sounds tough. I dunno how to unscrew the backseat...

I imagine he's talkinga bout the 40/60 split area where you can stick your hand in.
the valet key will not unlock the trunk release handle if its locked, only the regular keys will.
the point is to give the valet guy the grey key.
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