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Hi Everyone,

I have’08 si sedan. Habanero red. It’s my daily and losing count over 200k mostly highway miles.
Yep I had repaint my roof as it had a few faded areas.

Never noticed any Eng block cracks except years ago mysteriously it seized up after a 25 mile commute. Turns out only the water pump had to be replaced. No problem ever since.

Recently upgraded to 18” hfp rims and Mugen wing.
Yeh it’s not a type R nor a s2000, but you’l surely enjoy yours for years to come.

My only regret is at the time when I bought my SI , there was Mugen in the showroom that I didn’t t know about back then. If I knew what I know now I would have opted for that or a RSX I test drove months earlier. four doors and the unique habanero red color seduced me.
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