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Just joined a few minutes ago. I have an '06 Magnetic Pearl Hybrid w/NAV on order for January delivery (to take advantage of the tax credit). This will be my 12th Honda (only two non-Hondas owned) and my fourth Civic ('78, '90 EX, '92 LX).

Presently, we drive an '03 Suburban LT and an '05 Ody EX-L RES/NAV as we have four kids. But with the gas prices what they are and the fact that my oldest will be driving soon (he isn't going to drive my Ody or her Sub), we decided to order the HCH. On average, we put on about 45K miles between the two vehicles. So we figured when we only need to transport five or less, we could save in excess of $400/month over the Sub (~330/Month over the Ody) if I can get ~45 MPG.

I look forward to gaining from your insight and hopefully will be able to provide a bit of my own after the first of the year.

BTW...I'm a "regular" at an Odyssey forum and a Hybrid forum, so I am well aware of the SEARCH function and the frustrations :banghead: of seeing the same question a hundred times. :)

Thank you...

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welcome to the site mochisushi. I know we've got a few other members looking at purchasing the hybrid as well. I'm sure we'll talk to you often. And the search button hasn't been really even mentioned on here really yet. We're quite new, so most posts are new in our world.
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