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The Final Product

Well, for those who don't know me, my name is Katie and I drive a 2008 Taffeta white Honda civic LX 5 speed. I named her Kimber.

-Video one- Daily driving regular driving and full throttle
-Video two- Dyno tuning with videos of boost gauge and Dyno graphs
-Video Three- Track runs with Time Slips

Here is a summary of the following post on why I left AJP and went to HBAR Motorsports.

HBAR Motorsports(formerly AJP's Tuner)was under the impression that AJP was in close contact with Hondata but turns out they werent. So my tuner informed me of this. Also AJP wasnt helping me. I was told some things and then they never happened, and my car was running like crap. So when I talked to Doc at HBAR he told me to swing by his shop so he could adjust my tune and told me he was going to contact Hondata to see if we could get a flashpro calibration made. Doc was in touch with Doug from Hondata and said he would like us to send my kit out so they could put it on their R18. I dont think i could thank Doc from HBAR or Dough from Hondata any more. They have no idea how much they helped out the R18 community. Thank you guys! Hondata has been in really close contact with me and would call me with updates and everything. Well if you have time, pull up a seat and listen to my story.....

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In January 2008, i contacted a bunch of companies looking to see if they were interested in making a turbo kit for my R18. Most of them said that they didn't have the funds nor time to spend on the car. I continued to search and came across All Japanese Performance. I read the whole thread "Something you should consider before going AJP: A true story about liars" and a lot of people were saying maybe it would be easier if the car was local. So I contacted them and spoke with one of the owners, Ron. He asked a few questions, what year, transmission type and future plans. Then he told me to bring the car in so we can throw it up on the lift and take some pictures of it. That same day i went to the shop, which was only 10 minutes away from my house. I met the guy who handles all the emails and the performance side(who orders the parts and ships the kits), David. Both Ron and David were extremely nice. Ron told me he would call me in about a month or so for me to bring my car in and we would start a kit. He also told me I shouldn't take more then a month for the kit to be done. About a month later I get the phone call saying "We're ready for your car." This is where it begins.

When my car went in, I asked Ron if it was alright I was in the shop while they work on my car cause I wanted to learn was everything is and how the kit works(he said that was fine). I tried to be at the shop everyday that I wasn't working. I also helped out by answering phones and helping out in the office. Within the first month of my car being there my car was taken apart and the intercooler was bolted on. During the rest of the time, my car was being pushed in and out of the shop so they can handle their daily business side(oil changes, and regular maintenance). So in a month only 1 thing was really done, I had an interfooler on. My car was put back together so they could clear out the shop again and in that time I held the March All Florida State Meet again.

After driving around for about a month, it was time for my car to go back to AJP. With all my cars down time and me being at the shop almost everyday, I would see a lot of Si's coming in and getting the Si turbo kit. AJP had a tuner come to the shop every time they were done with a car and needed it tuned. Their tuner, Doc has his own company HBAR motorsports and he builds and tunes race cars. He is a great and safe tuner, never blown a motor. So when ever it was time for a car to be tuned, they would call Doc and say "we need you to come to the shop, we have a car here that needs to be tuned." Doc would come to the shop, Dyno tune, street tune and then head back to his own shop in Miami.

Once again my car was there, this time it was there for about 2 to 2 2 1/2 months when Doc came in one day and saw me really upset. He asked me what was wrong and I told him that AJP told me i would be without a car for a month the longest and it been a total of over 3 months and my car has gone nowhere. I also told him and the shop it was my Daily Driver and I cant keep using my parents cars. He told me to hang out in the office while he went outside and talked to Charles and Ron(the owners). That same day they pushed my car back in the shop and started making the pipes.

Within two weeks of Doc talking to them and helping them design the kit, the pipes were finished and it was time for tuning…

Took this from my other thread:



First, we decided to use the AEM FIC. Well It was making the power (247 WHP and 197 TQ at 9 PSI) but daily driving sucked. My car would sometimes idle perfectly with the Vac between 17-21.... but sometimes it would crap out on me and be over ran by the stock ECU and the car would have a HORRIBLE idle and Vac would be 7-12 but when u gave it gas it would be fine. Every time I came to a stop while driving on the road with the FIC, my cars RPMS would drop and the car would turn off basically stall itself out, but would start RIGHT back up. Believe it or not, With the A/C on it drove a little bit better but still stall out basically at every stop. I could sometimes keep the car from stalling at a stop by down shifting and then once i came to the full stop i would shake my steering wheel side to side to put a load on the car and i would save it sometimes. But we could NOT sell the kit like that so we needed a different IDEA....

We then starting thinking 'Would Flashpro work on the R18 ECU?'

We no, that isnt exactly what we did.... To make the 245 WHP and the 205 TQ, we switched my ECU. Yes, Thats right. I had the Si ECU in my car with FlashPro and it drove STOCK like it just came from the Factory..... But This was JUST to try it to see if it would work. We could NOT sell the kit like this because of a few reasons.
1- the speed sensors from the Tranny to the ECU didnt match, So my car was only reading 1st gear. Technically the car would say im doing about 16 MPH when im on the highway really doing about 75 MPH.
2-I had a CHECK ENGINE light and the only code was for the 2nd cam (which obviously i dont have).
3-All the way from 8 PSI- 10.5 PSI i was still making 245 WHP.... The more psi, the more TQ and the more the motor was knocking, So daily driving was AMAZING, but it wasnt making the power.....

I am now currently back to the Stock R18 ECU with the GREDDY ULTIMATE E-MANAGE. I am on a PARTIAL STREET tune just so i was able to drive it from the shop to home safely. Tomorrow we are putting my car up on the DYNO for a SAFE DYNO tune and then a short street tune after. One thing that i noticed that the greddy does that the AEM doesnt... MY CAR DOESNT TURN OFF on me... So this might be the SOLUTION!!. We will find out tomorrow and i will post up Dyno graphs and update this thread frequently. Please Stay Tuned.




During the different tuning softwares, I was told by Ron that they were sending all the information(dyno graphs and all the other stuff to Doug at Hondata).

Also, I was planning on moving to Orlando the 2nd week in January, so if he needed to make a second set of the kit, plan to do it before then (THIS WAS ATLEAST 3 MONTHS NOTICE BEFORE I WAS MOVING). About 2 months pass and im about to go on a 4 day cruise (Dec 7th) and told Ron it would be a perfect time for him to take the car and make the second set of pipes. I was never contacted about brining my car in.

5-6 months ago is when this kit really started to slow down. About 5 months ago Ron said we would put the FP back on until a better tuning solution was released. On a Saturday, Ron told me that Doc would be at the shop on Monday, and we would put back the Si ECU and Flashpro back on. So I went to the shop that Monday and Doc never came. So on Tuesday he said Doc was for SURE going to be there on Thursday…. Doc didn't show on Thursday either. Ron also said He was going to get a clutch made for the car…. never happened. The whole following week Doc never came. And the week after that Doc was suppose to be there on Tuesday…. ONCE AGAIN NO SHOW! I was getting very mad… So i went upon myself to call Doc and see whats up. Doc had NO idea that he was suppose to be at the shop for my car and was never contacted either.

I was planning on going to the shop the following day. I called the shop about 15 minutes before I left my house to let Ron know i was stopping by. Well, one of tech guys answered the phone and said Ron was with a customer to call back in 5 minutes. So I left my house and was on the way to the shop. So as i am less then a minute from the shop about to pull in the parking lot I call again and the same Tech picked up. I asked if he was done with the customer and he said yes but he JUST pulled away on a test drive." I responded with, "Oh ok well I am in the parking lot." I hung up the phone and walked into the office…. and i couldn't believe my eyes…. All the Techs and Ron (Ron was on the phone) were all in the office. Very loudly I open my mouth and said "ITS GREAT TO KNOW I HAVE A BUNCH OF LIARS WORKING ON MY CAR." and one of them say "its a shop, what do you expect." The techs cleared out cause they had to finish up some cars in the shop.

When Ron got off the phone I asked him why he lied to me about putting Flashpro back on and he told me that he doesn't feel safe with it on the car. WTF?! I asked him why he kept lying to me then saying Doc was coming to tune the FP to my car. He got really offended when I asked him why he was lying to me. And said "I haven't lied, and you keep pestering me." So i responded, "Well if you actually contacted Doc like you said you did, he would've been there the first day and we wouldn't be in this situation, I don't appreciate being lied to and then being called a pester."

I left the shop and haven't gone back since then. After that day, I called Doc and told him what happened and he calmed me down and said he would help me get a clutch and adjust the tune. Well during this time I had moved to Orlando and kept in close contact with Doc. He was going to help me finish the kit and change up a few things and sell an R18 V-Band Turbo Kit along with a V-Band Turbo kit for the Si. About 3 weeks after moving to Orlando I was bringing my car down south to Doc's shop to get a Clutch made and change some things up. A day before I was going to drop my car off at his shop I get a call at 7 in the morning from him. He was pissed. AJP apparently has been lying to BOTH him and me and everyone else I know. It turns out that Ron hasn't personally spoke to Doug(from hondata) since 2007.

… here are the emails….

On Jan 16, 2010, at 2:33 AM, AJP Sales <[email protected]> wrote:


Tommy never gave us a chance to address the problems:


Blew clutch.

Built up oil in turbo (had to send it in to get repaired), caused by
using a 4an feed instead of a 3an.

Was missing 4 bolts from the tranny.

2nd gear gone; 3rd pretty much almost there.


Would you please ask Tommy how we responded when he contacted us?

We'll start out slow and see how this goes."

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 10:18, Katie <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey David, Im not saying anything to Tommy until Ron contacts me in
regards to my kit. People are asking questions about the kit and I
don't have answers. For about a month now I've been waiting for him to
contact me. I have not stated to anyone or on any forum about the
drivability which is awful and the lack communication from AJP. Please
tell Ron to give me a call because I really want you guys to get this
kit on the market. Thanks.


On Jan 16, 2010, at 1:13 PM, AJP Sales <[email protected]> wrote:


What questions are you being asked about the kit?

I'm confused. I though you and I had that conversation regarding your
contact with Doug of Hondata and FlashPro? The kit cannot go to market
with the proper tuning and that's whenever FlashPro comes out.

Your drivability is awful right now? What do you need Ron to do?


On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 13:31, Katie <[email protected]> wrote:

I was told by Ron that we were going to put the Si ecu with flashpro
back on two months ago n here I am... Driving a car that every ten
miles or so I need to clear my codes/check engine lights or else it
will go into limp mode. He said it would def be done before I moved up
here to Orlando n now here I am in a car that drives like crap and my
clutch is slipping. Some question are: Why can't you tune it? When's
it going to be released? What will the final price of the kit be?

Ron made it clear to me that he doesn't feel safe with me driving the
car with the emanage cause of how many hiccups and badly it boggs and
all of the codes I get. This car is my DD and needs to be running
correctly. And I take this car to SO many meets n advertise but it is
also very hard to do that with the horrible popcorn sound backfire I
get when I drive. I don't want to "pester" Ron, so please have him
call me when he has the time.

On Jan 16, 2010, at 3:12 PM, AJP Sales <[email protected]> wrote:


When can you bring in your car to set the hp down to 211 whp? The best
course of action is to keep the Greddy e-manage in your car and take
the power down.

To clarify, Ron said that FlashPro is not going back in because of the
potential damage it can do to your motor.

Taking your power down with e-manage should remove your drivability problems

Q. Why can't you tune it?

We can tune it, but the limitations of the current tuning solutions do
not make the kit sellable in our opinion.

Q. When's it going to be released?

It will be released once a complete tuning solution is available on the market.

Q. What will the final price of the kit be?

The final price of the kit depends on the cost of the tuning solution
that we hope will be released soon.

You know that having Ron call anyone doesn't go anywhere, so let me handle this.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 11:40, Katie <[email protected]> wrote:

I live in Orlando and I am starting my program. I mentioned 3 months
in advance that I was moving. Has Ron personally talked to Doug to see
when the flashpro might be coming out for the R18? So I have an idea
when the kit may be released.

Re: Damage control
Saturday, January 23, 2010 2:05 AM

"AJP Sales" <[email protected]>
View contact details

"Katie" <[email protected]>


I'm not sure if you were expecting Ron not to be Ron but we have all
been there, expecting, hoping and waiting for Ron to come through for

Ron has not talked to Doug personally. Ron has not spoken with Doug
since perhaps 2007 Certainly not 2008 or 2009. Whatever special
relationship we had with Hondata disappeared years ago.

Our last communication from Doug came in July 2009, shortly after
FlashPro was released.

Doug Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 19:03
To: AJP Sales <[email protected]>

We will not be doing a boost reflash for the R18. The low sales volume
and time investment are not worth it. Perhaps at some stage in the
future we will make a FlashPro but we have several other models we
need to do first.


On Jul 16, 2009, at 11:30 AM, AJP Sales wrote:

Hi Doug,

I would like to speak with you about the R18 reflash you were working
on in 2007. We're just about finished with the kit and would like to
start testing the car with the reflash. Would you have a few minutes
to discuss this today?


We do not have any idea when FlashPro for the R18 will come out. Which
means that we do not have any idea when the kit will be released.
Hondata never told us when FlashPro for the Si would come out. We had
to find out on the forums like everyone else.

As Doug made clear in his e-mail to us, there are several cars ahead
of the R18. So far, we've seen one - the S2000. I suspect that we will
find out about FlashPro for the R18 the way we found out about
FlashPro for the Si - when a customer calls us and asks us if we have
seen the FlashPro for the R18.


If my tuner knew that before he started tuning my car originally, He would've contacted Doug himself and the R18 kit could've possibly been done ALONG TIME AGO. Well Doc called Doug and told him he is no longer associated with AJP and found out all this information if he would be interested in making the FP for Doc's kit and that's why FP was finally taken into consideration. We have a bunch of inquires about this kit and they cant wait to buy it.

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I no longer plan to go back to AJP. I dont appreciate people, let alone companies lie to me and expect me to work with them. I am also not telling you not to go to them because I know plenty Si owners who have gotten their kit and it couldnt go smoother, but this was just my experience. So here is my cars Introduction with HBAR Motorsports with a Custom V-Band Turbo kit making XXXwhp and XXXtq(I will post up my numbers once I receive the kit back from Hondata and put it back on my car tuned with the Flashpro).

The Turbo kit Includes:
-Precision 5457 Ball Bearing Turbo
-Intercooler(will get the dimensions)
-Intercooler piping
-OBX wastegate
-HBAR Manifold
-HBAR Dumptube
-Walbro 255lph
-Acura RDX Injectors
-All the fittings(will post up all fittings once we go through the final installation)
-HBAR Motorsports 6 Puck Sprung Clutch Disk only
-3 in intake pipe with K&N Filter
-AEM Tru Boost
-AEM UEGO Wideband
-Autometer Dual Plate Gauge Holder
-Flashpro for the R18(with Calibrations for HBAR Turbo Kit)

Not to mention piping is going to be either Powdercoated Black or Ceramic Coated. Pictures will be posted soon of what the kit includes

Total Costs: TBA

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:thumb: cant wait to see it in action :woot:

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Holy crap Katie that was a ton of drama from ajp, I'm glad DOC took care of it and now you guys have FP too. Are there some 3" exhaust options for the r18 yet. could the down pipe be run so that Si exhausts will bolt up to it?

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I think eveyone in here has an SI... they are scared of Kt? :rotfl:
lol, bring it kt.

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I think eveyone in here has an SI... they are scared of Kt? :rotfl:
only the greddy guys are scared of her. We are just really curious and a couple of us want to help since we have a little experience with FP now.

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Holy crap Katie that was a ton of drama from ajp, I'm glad DOC took care of it and now you guys have FP too. Are there some 3" exhaust options for the r18 yet. could the down pipe be run so that Si exhausts will bolt up to it?
well i will be at Docs shop on Saturday and going to sit with him and find out the cost and i will ask him if he wants to make an option for a 3in exhaust. Ill find out the other answer when i speak with Doc

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Every R18 owner should thank you. You have done more for the R18 platform than anyone else could have imagined, and I'm happy you shared your story, I guess AJP's rep was true...and I hate liars and the whole run around you got was completely unacceptable. I'm glad that you finally found someone that is willing to work out with you and get you to where you want to be without dealing with any sort of hassle from a shop that's collecting your money.

Looking forward to see the numbers you're making...266hp is very impressive, I can't wait to see what you and your tuner can do with FlashPro :thumb:
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