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New Pics taken 5-6-08

ICE car polish is "da bom"

pics taken 4-23-08
You can see the leather here

THE STABLE! lol... mud on the 7's tire is courtesy of no grass at the new house!

Pro Interior Shot

Pro Shot

Passport 9500i

Smart Chord for the 9500i, Type R bronze shift knob, and Red-stitched leather shift boot.

LED tag lights (i deleted the tag, but you can still see how bright they are)

10,000K HID headlights

Passport 9500i at night and you can also see how bright the headlights are.

NC meet 1/26/2008

Mods so far:
18" Honda Factory Performance rims
Custom leather Si seats
10,000K HID kit
HFP body kit (lip kit)

Mods/Changes I have completed:
removed the ugly front license plate holder
Removed the front license plate brackets
Removed the "**** Brooks" dealer sticker
Drop In K&N Filter
removed CIVIC from the trunk lid
Civic Si keychain - it's the little things in life
Installed Red stitched leather shift boot
Type R Bronze shift knob
Black dip stick
Passport 9500i w/Smart chord
Corsport SS and bushings
LED white tag lights
Prestige 2way 1 mile range car alarm
Memphis 8" sub, replaced factory sub (with the use of a spacer) http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/i-c-...ion/77607-new-bigger-8-sub-install-coupe.html
Memphis MCA-300 amplifier
Fog lights (arrived 2/25/08)

Future mods:
HFP suspension
HFP exhaust
HFP Brake Kit
Projector headlights
Smoke/Red/LED taillights
Type R valve cover
Carbon fiber plug cover
Carbon fiber valve cover

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Sexy. I love Habis. That was my original choice. love the leather too.
Thanks, I love ur blue, too! The main reason I chose this one is the fact that it seems pretty rare. The color was the least produced and I still havent seen any seats like mine. Add the HFP kit and the HFP 18's... It was love at first drive... lol

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how abouttt u go inside, call ur dealership, annnddd ask how much those seats cost
They even said the car had that when they got it. I bought it with 9k miles on it. The owner before me had the mods done to it. They said he couldnt afford it and they bought it back from him. They may be custom. His name was John... the only way I know that is the fact the radio said "What's up John" before I changed it.

I just got in from removing the "**** Brooks" and the front tag clips. Time to eat the black eye peas, greens, and ham!! lol

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