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So lets start with my car. Bought in June of 2008:

from front to back:
take off resonator,
k&N air filter
TWM short shifter and bushings
diy front license plate relocator

grfx expression steering wheel
GPS relocator
courtesy lights
map lights

red calipers
si exhaust

My first mod to the car was my red calipers( I have skunk 2's in this picture but have taken them off)

My second mod to my car would be weather tech visors.
gives my car a sportier look

next mod which I don't have pictures of is A short shifter and bushings. and taking out the resonator.

After that mod I went to get a SI exhaust.
my car and me :)

I also added LED lights to my:
plate (white)
Trunk (white)
Map (white)
door lights (blue)
and footlights (blue)

then what else let me think

I wired my GPS:

and then got grx expression overlays:

Then comes my fogs I had to fix them up because one had a crack so I got them for $20

Then I tinted them yellow:

And I also installed some HID's last month:

and I did a DIY license plate reloactor:

Next comes some mods I did then took off cause I didn't like:
Skunk 2's

took them off because it was too rough.

next skunk 2 shift knob:

Liked the feel but didn't like the way it sit on the boot.

another shot of my front license plate:

Forgot to add that I painted my front Grill:

What I have so far but more to come:

OK latest photoshoot:

NEW RIMS 5/15 and oil change today

Forgot I had this thread so I haven't updated it in a while.
but from last time I updated I added a si spoiler, and strutking pedals ( no pics yet)



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Your car looks great so far,I really like the blue at night. I have red in mine :woot:
good stuff....where the ice cream? :giggle:
:woot: GGFTMFW
Nice work! And awesome pics. :bunny: Ohnose! You bought your GG a few months before I did. :sadface:
yea that woot woot
Thank you thank you :wigglesmiley:
I think I am going to name my car Rocky road. or Caramel cluster
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