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Whats up!

I woke up this morning, felt great, excited to see what I make on this wonderful..76 degree day!! Going good..getting up the road, next thing I know..peice of wood from some hick decides to bounce off 95 and smack my bumber. Lost a fog lightbulb and radiator dust sheild as well as a dent.
I make it there.

After about 17 pulls I ended up making 230whp with NO bolt ons. Videos and pics will be up later after I get outta school!

Now maybe you guys can help on this. My tuner couldnt seem to get rid of this knock in cylinder 2. Its only when I'm in low rpms on high gears (3rd+)
He said maybe it is because I am stock it may be giving a false reading. He retarded my timing so low but just wont go away. So I am going down there Monday to let him put his knock listener on and see whats going on.

He said it was fine I take off the sensor for now because my odometer and CEL is blinking and it pisses me off to no end!!

Any Suggestions??
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