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Got rear ended yesterday, think it's totaled?

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Stopped for a pedestrian waiting at a cross walk and got rear ended by someone who didn't notice me stopping. Trunk won't close, the inside of the trunk is pretty crumpled, and the right rear frame is damaged a bit, here's a link to the photos I've taken thus far. She hit 280K right after the accident too :(

Really appreciate the advice in advance, thanks!
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Hate to say it, but......... I think you are right. I'm at 300K now. If this were to happen to me, I'd probably assume that as well. Good luck. Someone vandalize my hood about a month ago and that cost the insurance about $1300. That was just to replace the hood and paint it. Nothing else. This is much more involved.
Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I was pretty sure but figured I'd see what you guys thought. Whelp now time to fight with insurance over it. Thanks for the reply!
my car got hit three times in the same quarter. Id find someone doing a part out and get the bumper, trunk lid and light. Bonus if you can find the same color. I'd wrap it or get a spray can made up at autozone to match the paint code. Also paintless dent removal might be able to pull it so all the lines are closer. Remember all the old heads saying the body will wear out before the motor/trans.
Might look into that if the frame damage isn't too bad, just sucks cuz I'm never gonna find another Civic in that condition in Maine again, she was a beaut. Came from down south and I bought it from the first owner, no rust, impeccable service record, runs like a top.
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Try to save it. My car got hit in the exact area but I slapped on a $200 painted bumper and it's been good. Thing is that mine wasn't jacked up as hard though.

Keep posting updates please, i'm curious as to what will insurance do.
I'll do my best, I will hear from the adjuster tomorrow, it's definitely jacked up though. It'll need a new trunk lid, new taillight, qtr panel fixed, and the trunk straightened out at the very least.
So I called the adjuster yesterday afternoon, they're accepting full liability obviously. Took it into town for the estimate, just waiting on the actual numbers but it's not looking good. The guy doing the estimate did the estimate for the other party as well and they have >$10k in damages on a 2016 Buick LaCrosse. I'll keep you guys posted but I've cleaned out the car, just waiing for the inevitable.
So what is the insurance going to pay you (how much is your Civic worth)?
Not yet, the adjuster was out today, I assume I'll hear from him in the morning.
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