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Got rear ended yesterday, think it's totaled?

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Stopped for a pedestrian waiting at a cross walk and got rear ended by someone who didn't notice me stopping. Trunk won't close, the inside of the trunk is pretty crumpled, and the right rear frame is damaged a bit, here's a link to the photos I've taken thus far. She hit 280K right after the accident too :(

Really appreciate the advice in advance, thanks!
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Depends. My subframe got bent in and all passenger rear suspension needed to be replaced. It was 1600 to get that all done. If I went though insurance it would’ve been totaled and maybe I’d get like 1k from them, with full coverage
Damn. Sorry man that sucks. My quarter panel is crushed and I was thinking about fixing it but it might be too expensive.
Yeah, rear quarter panels can be costly since there is no break off point like the front fenders. I think they basically cut into the rear and buy a speperate peice (new and cut where they made the other cuts... it that makes sense haha. And line that up, weld, sand/prime and paint... can add up.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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