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Well, I took her in to Burnsville Honda this morning for her very first oil change. She had 58XX miles. She clicked over to 10% this morning when I starter her up to take her to the dealer. I brought in Mobil1 for them to use. All in all, cost about $50 including the oil. Oil was $28 at Walmart because they were out of the 5qt jugs, so I had to buy individual bottles. About $23 at the dealer for labor.

I also mentioned the infamous and mysterious 3rd gear problem. They didn't try too hard to find it, which was fine with me. They checked my tranny fluid and said it looked good, and the level was fine. They did note it in my service record that I had complained about it. If Honda ever admits there is a problem, I should be all set.

They were going to give me a free wash, but I guess somebody backed into the car wash door, and they can't get it open.

They also said I needed a tire rotations, which I was a little suprised to hear, since she only has 58xx miles. They wanted over $30 to do that, so I said no thanks. Took her to Tom, and he hooked me up! Thanks alot Tom!

All in all, I was reasonably satisfied with my service experience there. Reasonably priced, didn't take too long, checked for recalls, and they did make some attempt to find my 3rd gear issue.

And I was VERY satisfied with my service experience at Discount Tire in EP. Tom, you are a great asset to our little online community.
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