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I have a 2011 honda civic, that I purchased two weeks ago (loan payment). I hit a curb this past Monday night, which cause the airbag on the driverside to deploy. Looking up some info, I am going to need the airbag replaced (77810-SNA-A82ZA), SRS Unite (77960-SVA-A24), impact sensor (77970-SNA-A32), Seatbelt (04818-SVA-A02ZD) and possibly the buckle (04816-SVA-A02ZA). I am going through insurance to fix it, more than likely, but have a few questions.

The labor and parts are estimated at about $2400. What are the chances of them totaling the car? Nothing is wrong with it, and there's less than 20k miles on it..

Do I have to get the vehicle certified after repair, because the airbag went off?

Is there anything I can do to save myself some money on the labor or parts?
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