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Well i just called to make an appointment at my honda dealer. I'm having them check the sunroof since it wont be long before it falls off. Well at least that is what it sounds like. I just wanted to keep everyone posted since i know a lot of people have been having problems with this.

Things i'm getting checked:

1) Sunroof rattles
2) Weird noise coming for the back somewere like a buzzing/something lose sound
3)Front wheel popping sound/strut <--- too constant now
4) Might need an aligment, steering bears to the right too much. Left arm hasn't been this tired since puverty!
5) Alarm might be set up wrong. When i'm inside the car, and hit the side panel by the pedals, doors unlock just with a little tap.

And that's all i can think of now. If anyone would like to ask any quesitons on their behalf shoot away i might get some answers or ideas.

I'll keep you guys updated.

PS: I'm not leaving til they fill up my tank for having me drive there 3 times already. well Four with this one!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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