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Im just going to redo my review. The reason why is because I only had the exhaust on for 2 days when I wrote the first review and 2 days isn't enough time to give a accurate review on something in my opinion.
The piping is 70mm and the muffler is 101mm (same specs as the q300)

First off, everything bolted up fine to MY liking. What others may have a problem with, not including myself, is the placement of the muffler. Picture a older model WRX of STI with a aftermarket exhaust. It sits sideways but its not super out there either. (See my video to get a better understanding of what im talking about)This doesn't bother me but it may bother others.
Another thing is over time black sutt has built up making it look like the bumper has been burned. I have wiped it with a clean wet rag and it comes off with a little bit of force. I'm not sure if any other aftermarket exhaust systems do this but this one sure does.

I wasnt looking to gain anything with this exhaust, except to get rid of this awful rattling sound that my stock exhaust was making (thanks invidia header)
But believe it or not after a few tweaks in my calibration the car pulled a little harder. It could be the old butt dyno sending off falss signals but really the only way ill know is if I dybo with my stock exhaust on and then do a dyno with this eBay exhaust.

Oh boy where do I begin?......
First of all my mods are as follows
Rickspecd cold air intake
Invidia header
Hasport rear mount
And now this exhaust.

I've read that a race header and a solid motor mount or mounts will amplify the exhaust tone. And I do believe this to be true because of the significant change in sound when my invidia header was installed. Let's just say that it's very loud. Wake your neighbors up in the morning wanting to crusify you kind of loud.
After it warms up of course the pitch changes with a loud growling sound. When 50 begins so does the drone. Anything 70 or above and you got yourself a ear drum killer. Oh well......

personally, sounds like stock to me.
The only reason I don't put it back in is because of the loss power. The low and mid range power suffer greatly. There's power surges where it feels like the car is struggling to gain momentum. Doing some research on this I found a dybo graph on a 8thcivic SI that lost 15hp when using a silencer, but this is before any tuning solutions were made for our cars, so who knows, it could be a different story now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Videos provided in the links.


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