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Hey Everyone,

We want to thank all who have participated in the past 4 and for those who inquired and got us to make this 5th one. Obviously the product is still very much in demand and we're pleased to be able to give all of you the chance to obtain this essential tool at a great price from an Authorized Hondata Dealer!

For this 5th deal, we would like a super quick turn around time which would mean limit the deal to 10 and only 10. Have everyone signed up within a week or two and already sending payment and have FPs ordered and shipping out to all of you after that. I think we can make this happen.

We can ship to Canada and other international areas but the price will increase based on the shipping.

1. FFej
2. Demisedgabe
3. BostonAndy
4. thechriskarel
5. tofu boi
6. sweatpants
7. new09si
8. a9vega
9. InkPncl
10. b20eg6hatch

Please PM me for info or state in here that you're requesting a PM for pricing. Remember to state which car it's actually for and remember we can do ANY flashpro offered. Our pricing doesn't limit us to just the 8thgen.

Let's get this moving!



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How much for 09 si shipped to zip 45014?
Thanks in advance!

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