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After putting countless passes, over 8000 miles, and who knows how many bounces off the rev limiter we are happy to announce that we are going to start selling a K24 engine package made just for you guys.

Our goal with this bottom end package is to compete right against the supercharger kits that are out there, while opening the door up for even more HP by adding forced induction of some kind later.

Package includes everything you need to bolt a K24 into your 8th generation Civic Si.

The Built K24 bottom end consists of:

• Wiseco 11.1:1 Pistons (higher or lower compression will be an optional extra)
• GO Power H-Beam Rods
• ACL Race Bearings
• K20A2 Oil Pump
• ARP Head Studs
• OEM Head Gasket

Things you will be reusing from your current K20Z3:

• Complete Cylinder Head
• Stock Oil Pan
• The Engine Sensors

The motor will be capable of producing 250-290+ HP (with the right supporting mods) and be able to stand up to the daily abuse.

Our shop motor puts down 275hp and 210lbft of torque with the following mods:

• AEM V2 Cold Air Intake
• GO Power Throttle Body Gasket
• TSX Throttle Body
• GO Power Intake Manifold Porting
• GO Power Intake Manifold Gasket
• Stock Head and Valves
• GO Power V2 Camshafts
• GO Power Dual Valve Springs and Retainers
• Pre-production “575” Header WITH Flex Pipe
• GO Power 3inch Exhaust Kit
• Hondata Flash Pro

Please contact us for more information and any questions you might have.

[email protected] (760) 949 1275

Price: $3600

Lead Time: ~3 weeks


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wow! this motor is a beast! all motor k series builds are so beastly and respectable in the game. if this was out before i got all my turbo goodies, it would of definitely been an option i would of considered

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yummy K24. i might just keep my nitrous set up afterall and do this :eek:hsnap:

any idea on how much this bottom end could handle? (nitrous wise)
also im assuming the stock intake manifold can be reused as well correct?
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