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I always ask people to make a wish list. It really helps to make a really good and necessary gift. If a person doesn't prepare a list, then I try to remember what he told me about his hobby. My colleague once told me that he must read several chapters of a book before bedtime. On his birthday, we decided to give him ICE a reading lamp. I had never chosen such a lamp before, so I started reading reviews of various lamps for reading on the Internet, for example, here https://bestlightguide.com . We chose one and gave it to him. He was very pleased with the gift, as it's a very comfortable lamp and good for the eyes. I doubt that we could choose a book that he hasn’t read yet or that he would have liked, but we paid attention to his hobby and it's always nice. Think about the hobbies of a person and choose something that can help him in his hobby.
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