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SOLD: Ghetto Fab R18 Intake - New

did the Ghetto Fab intake on here for the r18. This intake sounds nice and Is VERY responsive. comes with the Vibrant open air filter. GOOD FILTER! Had this on my car for litterally 5 miles but need to sell it to pay unexpected credit card bill.

Selling this AT COST for all material. You save on time from dremeling the air tube out and time from acquiring all these parts yourselves.
Selling this for $70. FREE SHIPPING. NO BS PAYPAL FEE.
I will also throw in the Coolant and Breather hoses for FREE as well!

Check out this thread. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/bolt-ons-all-motor/137597-air-filter-test.html

the vibrant air filter is the best air filter. It is the new Buschur air filter that got discontinued.

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