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Hi all!
I got a 2010 FG Si as a replacement winter car in november and I'd like some help on getting the front end to hook better.

The car is stock (other than a plastic shift knob because -20c metal shift knobs are no fun) and running on 16" x-ice xi3s (and probably rt615k+ this summer).

What I could do:
-hard rubber LCA bushings
-shocks (I think changing the rebound could help)
-swaybar (softer might help, not sure though)
-grind and shim the bushings to change the anti-lift geometry
-+2 caster ball joint mount could give -camber in corners and some much needed steering feel

What I wont do:
This is a winter car so I won't drop the ride height or put in harder springs.

Is there anything else I missed? I've never played with a FWD suspension, the summer car is a miata with double wishbones all around and way more intuitive to tune.
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