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So, I was thinking. We have a bunch of thread from all over the place, but none really compile a list based on car model, and location all in one thread. We have to keep sifting thru various threads to see who's from where.

Figured I'd get this going. I divided GA up into seven area's. Post up your city closest to you, and your make and color and I'll compile this list so we can see who's where. It'll help when looking for people to come to meets, installing parts, and asking local questions.

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Macon/Warner Robins:


-the stig
-matt hulsey

-Richard RSP
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Warner Vegas (Robins)

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Edit: Might as well rename the Macon one to Warner Robins since no one has posted from Macon...haha...and all the WR people are listed under Macon.

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haha, its just cos you don't like me really :giggle:

i hear ya - but look at these lists.. even for meets planned months in advance, we only get 15 people.

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^^^^that's my goal. I'm thinking about trying to set it up for the first week in October. It should give us enough time to request off, but trying to have a meeting place for everyone is where we're gonna run into the problem.

and that's assuming I can ride to atlanta without getting pulled over for my headlight tints again!!! but with the new projectors in and new fogs I won't have that problem again.
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