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Genuine italian leather SHIFT BOOTS - tailor made for your Civic!

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Hello everyone,

We, RedlineGoods.com, are no stranger to the automotive industry. We have been providing our customers (now over 12 000) with QUALITY GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER SHIFT BOOTS for 5+ years now. If you take pride in your ride - you will want to read this.

Has your shift boot seen better days?
Have you purchased a short shifter kit and the stock boot doesn't look good anymore or even hinders shifter travel?
Do you simply want to upgrade your stock vinyl pieces to finer leather?
Are you looking for the finishing touch to your custom interior?

Regardless of the reasons, RedlineGoods has a solution for you.

Starting with fine, buttery soft Italian leather, we will hand-craft new boots for your vehicle. The boots are made specifically for your model, so they fit your ride perfectly without any modification - unlike generic boots sold by others. See for yourself:

RedlineGoods has nothing to do with mass production. We're all about YOUR needs and YOUR car, which means a vast array of customization options.

These range from available materials (leather, carbon-fiber, faux-alcantara, perforated leater), through many color options (30+ colors of material and threads) to various finishing types (quadruple thread, two-tone, stripes and piping) - and we're open to even more custom arrangements. You can find our complete color chart by clicking here: Shift boot store - RedlineGoods leather shift boots.

You can also order a re-sized shift boot for your short shifter or custom transmission setup, get the boot with the mounting bracket (where available) and order extra padding for your armrest cover. Or if you need a small design modification, for example in order to get your aftermarket shift knob to sit flush against your shift boot - we're the ones you should send an email to!

Our products are hand made to your order, shipped from Europe and arrive at your doorstep within two weeks from placing an order.

Our products have been discussed on many automotive forums and we frequently receive great customer comments. Just run a search on RedlineGoods on this forum to find out more about us, our products and our customer feedback.

Since, as the proverb goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are some of them for your enjoyment. Click the link above them to go directly to our page dedicated to YOUR CAR, where you can easily order them with PayPal or your credit card!

06+ Civic

01-05 Civic, EP3 with the shifter mounted underneath the radio:

This is the non-EP3 with the floor-mounted shifter:

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1 - 2 of 247 Posts
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