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from what I read the 2.0T is not all what people have tried to make it out to be. Its not the same engine as the evo's....

It has waaaaay weaker internals.

They are related cousins that went to different evolutionary paths.

Take a look to this..

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
Hi guys. The insides of this motor look pretty promising. Other than the rods and pistons, the rest looks decently strong. I do have to sonic test the walls, and may go so far as to machine out a sleeve just to see what type and how thick of material was used. Either way being that it is a factory turbo motor, it has to be stronger than a honda block. In stock form I would expect that this wouuld hold around 400 whp, but only time will tell.

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
I really like the head design, but it does leave room for improvement. Also the sleeve depth is a lot more favorable for boost than other engines I have seen. I honestly do think that this should handle 400whp, it will just depend on how much you can get away with before switching to something higher octane than 93.

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
Rods are Cracked Cap

Ringlands look spaced apart and boost friendly. The top ring is fairly low as far as new production engines that have to pass todays emissions are concerned.

Also this motor is equipped with oil squirters, and not the BS ones like the 2G Eclipse had.

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
I won't go as far as tensile strength on the rods, but i will say that for cracked cap rods they are pretty beefy in the right areas. I honestly think the pistons may very well be the weakest link of this setup.

I don't think that the block guard will help this engine much if at all. The block guard in the honda are used for a few different reasons, but because this engine was designed with boost in mind, they have already built in strengths in the block that a honda does not have. The sleeves are actually a lot thicker than what i had initially thought or looked like. Can't wait.

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
Quote:Originally Posted by pregunta
The factory rods don't look forged they look like normal cast rods but beefy. Am I wrong?

Powdered metal actually. That's why they look so beefy compared to the EVO X rod. They have to be, to withstand the hp that a forged rod half it size can withstand. ( well maybe not half, but you get the idea) I bet it was cheaper to put the PM rod in vs a forged rod though.

Quote:Originally Posted by Beyond Redline
This is seriously going to be one of the best platforms in the last 20 years to play with. I know just from our own internal discussion that we will be offering everything you could possibly want/need to build the car of your dreams.

Just wait and see how awesome this is going to be....

A few pics of an open Theta Engine (Genesis 2.0T)

Who is Beyond Redline?
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