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Gear ratios for the DX and LX Coupes

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Hello all... I'm really interested in possibly upgrading to a new 8th gen Coupe. I will autocross the car in addition to daily driving it. One thing I have not been able to find info on thus far is the gear ratios and the fd ratio.

As the title says... I need to find out the gear ratios for the manual AND automatic transmissions for the new 2006 Civic DX and LX... The final drive ratio is also needed for both transmissions.

Thank you.

Anthony "Mario" Crea
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5-Speed Manual Transmission Gear Ratios: 1st: 3.143, 2nd: 1.870, 3rd: 1.235, 4th: 0.949, 5th: 0.727, Reverse: 3.308, Final Drive: 4.294

auto trans
Gear Ratios: 1st: 2.666, 2nd: 1.534, 3rd: 1.022, 4th: 0.721, 5th: 0.525, Reverse: 1.957, Final Drive: 4.437

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Gear Ratios: 2.526~0.421, Reverse: 4.511~1.875, Final Drive: 4.945

all are the same - "dx/lx/ex" - the si is the only one that isn't the same.

welcome to the site.
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Yep-What Webby said! :)

Welcome to 8thcivic, Honda93!! :wavey:
I think you should go for the new SI if your gonna be auto xing.
~racnjsn04~ said:
I think you should go for the new SI if your gonna be auto xing.
I know as I've been autocrossing for 11 years (doing so nationally since 2000), but I want to move to something "nice and quiet" like GS or HS. You see, I currently have a 93 Coupe that I run in Street Mod... It has a B16 engine and trans (with ITR LSD), custom Koni Sports, 600# Hypercoils all the way around, etc. Very fast car, loads of fun, etc.


The class currently has FWD cars placed with EVO's, M3's, etc. and there are NO restrictions on mods to powertrains other than if you have a Honda, it must be a Honda engine. Needless to say, I am about $4000 ~ $5000 behind in development. To go nuts properly, I need a truck and trailer, neither of which I am going to do, so I drive to events... Imagine going from NJ to OH with a 5th gear that has the thing revving at 5000rpm on the highway! I am finally seeing the "point of diminishing returns".

Also, the higher you go in Stock starting from DS (ITR), CS Miata), BS (C4 Vette), AS (S2000), and ending in SS (C5 Z06), the greater the risk of owning a "flavor of the month" car. When I started in 1994, the ACR Neon was the end all car to have. Now...

However, in GS (Celica GT) and HS (Mini), the cars have a much longer shelf life as they are mostly econo-sporty-commuters. Hence my reason to campaign an LX instead of an Si.

Sorry for this being so long btw!
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