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So I just bought my brother a Gamin nuvi 200W for his birthday today. When he opened the box, I noticed there was no SD card of any way for him to connect it to the computer. I did some looking up on the internet and it looks like the maps it comes with are the ones you get forever.

Is this really true? How can one of the best navi companies (albeit a lower-end navigation model) not have update-able maps? I paid $329.99 for the unit, do they really expect someone to pay $129.99 to update their maps? My small city alone has gone under major reconstruction the past few months and the map is already outdated. Is it true that I have to buy pre-loaded SD cards to update this, or is there a different way? It seems like a horrible business practice to charge someone almost a 1/3 the cost of the original unit to update maps that come outdated to begin with.. I figured buying Garmin meant I was buying the 'best', and now it seems like I just got a piece of junk.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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