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My Name is kurt this is my 2006 Galaxy Grey Metallic SI

New Pics Today: 5.23.08

as she sits now:

Well to start off i rushed into buying this car out of high school big mistake but i love this thing now..i hate payments let me just say..i wish my mom paid for the car and i just drove it...

thought it be nice to get together all my pictures and put them into one spot..also all my updates will be here from now on. Lemme know what you think.

Megan Exhaust

pioneer Avic D3/i broke the screen b4 install need to get fixed lol
Comptech SS

Soon to be TL projectors
3500k yellow fogs
3500k yellow DRL/ high beams
Hfp Front Lip
PRDM plate relocator
20 % tints

ksport coils
SPC rear camber kit

Winter set-up 16 steelies
FR:17x7 RR:17x8 35 offset SA3R's

When she was bone stock::

Then i bought a injen SRI and put on my Tien s-techs and my comptech SS:

BY the way i like when Buff older men work on my car lmao

Then came those chilly months in the end of 06. Oh and i fixed the damaged. sorta...

Me and my buddy ricky braving the cold for pics...


Then i came across my first set of wheels Rota sdx in sport bronze:

Megan racing exhaust yes i have the prototype one 1st one cough cough..ahha thanks dan..

Ricks car in one of its many stages

Then thanks to mikey6p i stumbled across some 5zigens FN01R-C that day i added a inch to my wheels that is:

Then this mean old lady came and hit me...why i don't know im so nice to everyone:

I than added some rota's slips for the winter after two weeks and some time in some real snow i realized that lightweight wheels and the winter dont mix lol..

after that i got my retro TSX projectors MDX shroud 4300k bulbs im loving it :

Well its winter My current setup is steelies thanks rick again..lol: o and the damage to the quarter is now fixed but i wish the front bumper was lined up a little better:

Thanks for looking will add more this season.............to be continued

Update: FEB 22nd

Some details

17x7 35 offset front
17x8 35 offset rear

If anyone knows where I can find the center caps for these holla

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NICE ride i got a GG FG2 with the HFP front and Back lip kit......... but i got some Rota Torque Rims...... Gunmetal...... i like how u did that front plate...... where did u buy the kit from to do it........
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