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Lets see how this R18 performs cause my plans are to :deadhorse::deadhorse: till it pulls the numbers intended ! :beer:

Hahaha that said All work is being done by Jotech Performance (Jo) definitely content with the extra effort they put in to pick up customers car!!
Thanks JC!! :clapping: On to the parts! :vtec::vtec:


Engine -
*R18A1 Block
*CP Pistons
*Pauter Rods
*ERL Sleeves (Machine Work)
*Custom Head Studs
*SuperTech Custom Retainers
*SuperTech Custom Springs
*ACL Race Bearings
*Injected OEM Mounts (3M Window Weld)
*Custom Intake Manifold - by Gato Performance
*Thermal Gaskets
*GoPower Cam (still debating)

Transmission - (lets see till when it holds!)
*MFactory Helical LSD
*MFactory FD 4.678
*Clutch Masters 'Stage 4' 6 puck clutch
*Stainless Steel Clutch line
*Hybrid Racing Shifter Bushings
*Hybrid Racing Base Bushings

Forced Induction -
*Jotech R18 Turbo Kit
*Precision 5857 Journal Bearing Billet .63 A/R (debating on buying Str8JDM's 5857 BB .82 A/R)
*DEI T3 Turbo Blanket
*Tial 38mm vband
*Tial 50 mm blow off
*Hondata 4bar Map Sensor
*Skunk2 76 mm Exhaust
*Stainless steel Turbo manifold, Downpipe, Dumptube (Ceramic Coated)
*Aluminum 2.5in Intercooler piping
*Aluminum 3' Inch intake with KN filter

Fuel System -
*255 Walbro Fuel Pump
*Jotech Fuel Return Kit
*Fuel Injecter Clinic 1000cc Injectors
*Custom Fuel Rail
*All fittings will be AN and Stainless steel Braided lines

Suspension/Brakes -
*Skunk2 Pro-C Coilovers (8k Front, 12k Rear)
*Full-Race Traction Balls
*Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
*ARP Extended Studs
*Hawk HPS Front


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Sleeper of the R18 world for sure.

Keep the stockies for added effect ;)

Stoked to see the end result.

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sub'd, what numbers are you shooting for?

and you should get str8's BB

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yes buy my turbo, lmao....

cant wait to see what the r18 can do. 10s? ehh? the Sis are just seeing 10s fully built. i can see you just gettin into the 11s though. that will be impressive on a 1.8 single cam
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