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FULL RACE 06+ Civic SI (FG) K Series Turbo Kit

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Here at last, the Full Race record breaking turbo kit for the FG Civic.
This turbo kit will out spool, out power, and basically out perform anything else on the market today. With many different options this kit is capable of 300hp to 800hp !

Other options include a 4” intake with K&N air filter

Also a pre made stainless steel dumptube professionally welded here at Full Race.

• Hondata FlashPro $695.00
• Competition Clutch Stage 4 Clutch Kit $350.50
• Injector Dynamics 1000cc Saturated Injectors $110.10 (x4)
• Walbro Fuel Pump 255lph High Pressure $100.21
• Full-Race CNC'd vacuum/boost Distribution Block $59.00
• Hawker Odyssey PC 680MJT Battery $145.00
• ARK Designs Advanced Boost Controller $379.00
• ARK Designs Rev-Shift Timer $109.55

Here’s the dyno graph of Jason’s SI making 400 whp on 9.5psi. Stock motor w/ Hondata Flashpro, Injector Dynamics 1000cc saturated injectors, Walbro intank fuel pump, GT3076R turbo, and a stage 4 Competition Clutch.

PM me for any questions :thumbsup:
Jon Guerra
[email protected]
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Standard kit price with exhaust and the 3076R price with exhaust shipped to 75104. Thanks!
PM sent.

Thank you.
Pm me for price on intake and filter please

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