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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

Finally available and just in time for the New Year, Full-Race is now taking orders for their 3" stainless steel exhaust system. Made from the highest quality materials and polished to a mirror finish, the Full-Race 3" turbo exhaust will mate up perfectly to the FG turbokit’s 3”downipipe. A MUST for any turbocharged Civic Si.
Price on these systems will be $599 + shipping.
  • Includes all gaskets and hardware necessary to install.
  • Optionional pipe to connect to OEM cat can be purchased.
  • Decreases spool time and increases overall power on turbo applications.
  • Plenty of clearance for various suspension components and chassis.
  • Excellent fit and sound quality.

Shown with HFP rear lip

Optional adapter to mate to OEM catalytic converter or aftermarket test pipes.

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damn i want one! getting tired of the skunk2 loudness...
I honestly don't know how people chose the S2 after hearing how loud and raspy they are in all the videos. Oh well, personal preference always wins I guess. As for FR..............Eargasm baby, Eargasm!

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It's called not researching and jumping on a good deal... Learn from mistakes now I research before I buy... Bump for full race

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