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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

Finally available and just in time for the New Year, Full-Race is now taking orders for their 3" stainless steel exhaust system. Made from the highest quality materials and polished to a mirror finish, the Full-Race 3" turbo exhaust will mate up perfectly to the FG turbokit’s 3”downipipe. A MUST for any turbocharged Civic Si.
Price on these systems will be $599 + shipping.
  • Includes all gaskets and hardware necessary to install.
  • Optionional pipe to connect to OEM cat can be purchased.
  • Decreases spool time and increases overall power on turbo applications.
  • Plenty of clearance for various suspension components and chassis.
  • Excellent fit and sound quality.

Shown with HFP rear lip

Optional adapter to mate to OEM catalytic converter or aftermarket test pipes.

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looks awesome :)
Thank you very much.

Will it mate up to aftermarket headers?
You can purchase the optional pipe to allow it to bolt up to anything that is in the same location as your stock cat.
It can't get any better than this! Aaron, you'll be hearing from me soon buddy.:smile:
Give me call or PM me any time.

Thank you :dance:

how much more for this piece? and are these coming from NJ or your other location in the west?? and if it is coming from NJ is it possible to just pick up???
How much extra is the piece to make it mate up w/ oem cat, it is a seperate piece apart from the a-pipe right??

The optional piece that will allow the system to work with a stock cat will be separate from the A-pipe. I'm not sure what the price is on that option yet however I should know by next week. They'll be shipping from our west location.
no one answered my question lol, is this FG only? OR only FG only if your F/I?
The exhaust system will work with either the coupes or sedans.
is it possible to get this in a high temp black coat
I'm sure we can get that done for you.

no one answered my question lol, is this FG only? OR only FG only if your F/I?
Sorry I forgot to answer your last question. This exhaust is meant to be used with our turbo kit however an optional adapter piece can be purchased to allow the exhaust system to bolt up to the factory catalytic converter. Price on the optional piece is $70.
what is the turn around time for the exhaust w/ the extra adapter piece?
The exhaust systems should be ready to ship by early January with the adapter piece options as well.
So you must purchase the adapter pipe unless you are running your downpipe on the car correct? The reason I ask because I am NA and I am running the s2 race header so then I would have to use your adapter pipe for it to fit on my car well so what size is the flange used to because the flange at the end of the s2 header is a 70mm?
Yes, the adapter piece is needed if you're trying to run the exhaust system with a OEM catalytic converter. It will not bolt up to to your S2 header though because a different flange is used on our exhaust sytem.
I understand that totally but look at all the other exhaust systems out there that will bolt up to a race header I just dont understand because my apexi n1 catback was bolted up to my stock cat fine and its bolted up now to my skunk2 race header so how does the adapter pipe for this cat back that is used to bolt up to the stock cat not be able to be used with the skunk2 race header that just doesn't make any sence to me since I really wanted to use this exhaust on my car and I didn't want to pay over $700 for the cat back with the adapter pipe with shipping then have to pay a muffler shop to weld on a new flange. I just dont understand why this wont work.

If your S2 header has the same size/type of flange in the same location that your OEM cat did, than our exhaust system will bolt up to it just fine. I wasn't sure if the S2 header had the same OEM style flange on the back of it but if it does our exhaust will work great with it.
Great looking exhaust. Not to be a nitpick...

doesn't really make sense. Exhaust doesn't decrease overall power on turbo applications ;)
You're correct. Sorry that was worded incorrectly. It's changed now.

i think they meant decreases spool time and INCREASES overall power on turbo applications.
Exactly :thumb:

Can someone from Full Race please clarify this whole ordeal with the optional piping?

I'm going to be switching from a Strup to a Kidd Racing header.

Will I need the optional piping to install it properly or not? Does it cost extra?

Please clarify this as I am filing my taxes as soon as I am able (January 12th) and it's either this exhaust or the Go Power 3". I would really like this one, but I don't want any hiccups or long delays...

The exhaust systems were developed to work with our turbo kits and bolt up to our 3" downpipes. If you'd like to use the exhaust with your NA header, you'll need to get the optional pipe we offer to connect our exhaust to your header. The optional pipe goes for $70.

2 exhausts?:badger:lol
Just one exhaust system and also an optional pipe to allow it to connect to a factory style header.

And is it going to cost extra?..
Yes the optional pipe is $70 extra.

So will the Full-Race exhaust work with the Kiddracing header?
Yes it will work. The Kiddracing manifold comes with a test pipe I believe and our exhaust will bolt up straight to that from that.

I can't vouch for the fullrace setup, but think about the size of the flange on the end of a 2.5" test pipe. The holes won't line up when trying to mate with a 3" flange. The 3" pipe alone nearly covers where the bolts are on the 2.5".

This is a 3" flange paired with a 2.5" test pipe.


The only way it works is if you cut out the holes on the 2.5" test pipe so they are open ended and add large washers to the bolts to secure them to the 3" flange. However, this is only possible if your flange on the 2.5" is thick enough to cover the hole for the 3" pipe. In my case, my flange wasn't and thus didn't even cover the hole alone.
Either way it's not recommended to go around on a daily basis with what I described above to make it work.
Buy the adapter if you don't have a 2.75"+ flange to bolt it up to.
Our adapter goes from 3" to 2.75" to connect to any factory style header.

price with adapter shipped to 33406 Thank you.

price with adapter shipped to 23060.. also when it would be expected to ship.. thanks
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UPDATE! Exhaust systems will be ready for shipping on Monday Jan 11th next week. :dancing::woowoo:
If they will be ready to be shipped for next week... Any video clips of this bad boy in action??
considering buying but still no sound clips, so still no new exhaust for me :(
We should have a car here by next week so we can take some good pictures of the system installed and get some sound clips for you guys.

shipping now???
Yes, systems are available and ready to ship right now.

Thanks for the replies.
No problem.
Without the optional pipe how does it connect to your downpipe? Is it a v band or a flange? I have the greddy kit and am considering this to replace my S2 70mm. Basically I am wondering will it bolt to my greddy dp or could I make a pipe for it to bolt to instead of the adapter pipe?

It connects to our downpipe with a V band flange. How is your downpipe connected to your exhaust system? Does it bolt to your factory catalytic converter?
Just updated the original post with some new pictures and sound clips. Check it out!
siiick! i cant wait to get this....what is the average price for shipping?
Average price on shipping is $50-$100 depending of course where you're located.
Exhaust systems are back in stock :dancing: All back orders will be leaving today :woowoo:
I cant wait to get this! Will mine ship today?
Your system will be shipping tomorrow.

back in stock? putting my order in an hour when i get out work...
Awesome...Thank you :dancing:

How much for a sedan system shipped to 32750?

!!! How many systems do you guys have? I wonder how long they are gonna be in stock lmao! GO fullrace!
We have 10 systems left for the Coupes and 10 systems left for the Sedans.

Will I get a special pricing discount also?
Forum members get a special discount on shipping. :) We sell all exhausts for the same price to everyone.
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I just ordered once you said they were back in stock a few hours ago

Its under Michael Cannavale. Let me know what we can do.
:woot: just placed my order with aaron I believe. Can't wait to get this puppy in. One question though the exhaust and the adapter pipe still ship out seperately right?
The adapters are now shipping with the exhaust systems.

can you gime a quote on teh exhaust + the optional piece shipped to NY 10606?
also, how well would the exhaust pair up with a sc?

So how do I get me one of these for my coupe? Shipped to 97123.....?
Give me a call here at the shop and I can get you taken care of. 602-437-2101

How much shipped to 75063 for a coupe without the optional pipe? Thanks!

Originally Posted by 02civicsi View Post
How much for a SEDAN(FA5) system shipped to 32750?

Did you get my PM from yesterday?
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