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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

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Full Race 06+ Civic SI 3" exhaust system

Finally available and just in time for the New Year, Full-Race is now taking orders for their 3" stainless steel exhaust system. Made from the highest quality materials and polished to a mirror finish, the Full-Race 3" turbo exhaust will mate up perfectly to the FG turbokit’s 3”downipipe. A MUST for any turbocharged Civic Si.
Price on these systems will be $599 + shipping.
  • Includes all gaskets and hardware necessary to install.
  • Optionional pipe to connect to OEM cat can be purchased.
  • Decreases spool time and increases overall power on turbo applications.
  • Plenty of clearance for various suspension components and chassis.
  • Excellent fit and sound quality.

Shown with HFP rear lip

Optional adapter to mate to OEM catalytic converter or aftermarket test pipes.

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You can purchase the optional pipe to allow it to bolt up to anything that is in the same location as your stock cat.
how much more for this piece? and are these coming from NJ or your other location in the west?? and if it is coming from NJ is it possible to just pick up???
Looks great and is a GREAT price.

To bad this didnt come out a few months ago, i definately like the sound!

Plus u can't beat 3".
there is a sound/vid clip???

if there is someone please point it out to me. i must be blind.
what is the turn around time for the exhaust w/ the extra adapter piece?
1 - 3 of 784 Posts
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