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We are extremely pleased to post up these pictures. You should buy with confidence when it comes to buying parts and we are pleased to be a Fujita dealer. They make an excellent product and are committed to making a great product at a great price

Dan, Mark, RT, Ley, Ryan, and Steve

Dan, Mark (our Fujita Rep), and Steve

Honda Civic 2006-2007 DX/EX/LX Fujita Cold Air Intake

Honda Civic Si 2006+ Fujita Short Ram Intake

Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 Fujita Short Ram Intake

Don't be fooled by people on ebay, etc. You are buying from a dealer here!

Don't forget: when you buy from an AUTHORIZED DEALER, there is a $15 mail in rebate! This only works when you buy from a dealer! Get $15.00 back in your pocket!

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