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Hello Everyone,

My brother and I started to install a CT supercharger stage 2 setup today and put in an aeromotive stealth fuel pump into the fuel tank. We decided to run thicker gauge wire to the pump from the battery and are using a relay. But we went wrong somewhere as the pump doesn't turn on/prime when the car is turned to accessory mode and the fuel tank shows the E light on (I know that tank is at least 1/4 full). I believe we spliced into the wrong wire for the relay. Which wire were we supposed to tap into for the hot wire? There are 4 wires that go to the plug for the fuel pump: Green, Black, Orange, and Purple. We used the black for ground and green as power. I dont have the wire diagram. We tested the fuel pump while in the tank with a couple wires jumped from a 9 volt battery to the pins that the green and black wires go to and we heard noise(priming) so we figured those were the correct wires to splice into but now I'm not so sure. If you need clarification to help me let me know as I'm not as electrical savvy as my brother and am relying on his expertise.

Thanks for any help!
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