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Hey!! I am from pakistan , i recently bought honda civic 2009 but i am not satisfied with it’s fuel economy can you please share what should i do for it? It’s just giving me 7-8 km/l in city but on highway it’s giving me 12-13 km/l can you please help me out .. Thanks

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7km/L is about 16 mpg (most of us are used to this conversion) and 12 Km/L is 28 mpg. That is a tad low. I would do the basics:

1) Change spark plugs
2) Change air filter
3) Make sure Tires are 32 psi
4) Make sure brake calipers are NOT sticking (are the wheels hot after a drive?)
5) Any Check Engine Light? MAYBE MAYBE a cat getting clogged (?)
6) Change engine oil/filter. Use 0w20
7) How do you drive? Slow down (if you drive spiritedly)
8) How many miles are on the motor? Maybe a valve job would do some good.
9) What gas do you use in Pakistan? When I lived in Peru, the gas was always very dirty thus affecting economy. It was annoying. I had a 2000 Honda CRV.

I have a lot of miles on mine (almost 295,000 miles or 475,000 Km) and get about 36 mpg ( 15 Km/L) on the highway. Hope this helps, good luck
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