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Ft. Myers, Southwest Fl stuff???

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Hey, I've been on 8th for a while and I'm looking to step foot into maybe going to some meets. I live in the Fort Myers area. I do travel to Miami most of my weekends though. But I'm not sure where to start. I don't know anyone else with a 8th, so I'm totally new. I just love the cars and I wanna get to know some new people and maybe get some advice on my own ride.

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I thought maybe you would've drove up to me like other people do. It's me! Johnold!

Old school Honda guy :thumbsup:

I like to just cruise in my car. It's super hella comfy and I'm tired of being crazy in a car. Besides, I haven't changed the factory oil yet.
I saw you on Daniel's today. You were about to cross the huge intersection onto Daniel's.
I can't remember hearing an exhaust cause they stayed way back behind me eventhough they could've pulled up next to me.:shrug:
Damn right! Haha! But yeah, haven't been n here in forever. Just don't chat anymore I guess. Been busy or otherwise occupied I guess. Shrugs. The WRX is holding up well tho. Great car!
haha im messing with you. hows everything? any mods done to the wrx?
Things are going decent. Just hangin in there like everyone else. No mods to the WRX yet tho. Probably gonna stay that way for a long while for now. Just oil changes and tires in the future. MIGHT get some wheel spacers on it to bring out the stock wheels this way they match the wide fenders a bit better.

Just keepin it simple. Too busy spending money on gassing it up LOL! But its super fun and very enjoyable to drive.
i see. u done alot to your si and you let it go
Yeah I know. If I knew I was gonna trade it in for a Subaru I would have not done all that but I mostly think it was a good experience. I'm still into the scene but am taking a break from modding. It went to good hands tho. Matt seems like a good dude and he likes the car so it's all good. I will always miss and love that car. It was my first new car ever.
Seen him around town. Cars pretty clean. Seen him at the hookah place.
Hey, I'm selling a typeR KPlayground lip for the 8thgen coupe if anyone is interested. With hardware. Unpainted. Figured I'd let the locals know first. If anyone is interested.
61 - 69 of 282 Posts
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