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Ft. Myers, Southwest Fl stuff???

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Hey, I've been on 8th for a while and I'm looking to step foot into maybe going to some meets. I live in the Fort Myers area. I do travel to Miami most of my weekends though. But I'm not sure where to start. I don't know anyone else with a 8th, so I'm totally new. I just love the cars and I wanna get to know some new people and maybe get some advice on my own ride.

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They just gave me the car there was no stock parts in it. And everyone from work says I got it for a steal and I did. I think they did raise it
Yeah they only gave me 13k for it. So you got a great deal! I thought they would've sold it for 17 or 18k cause that's how dealerships are you know? But that makes me feel better too cause they did a fair price out on it for me. Only made 1k profit from it.

I'll have to come see you sometime at work to give you those Coilover wrenches so incase you wanna adjust the height.. I may have a couple more things aswell. Don't know.
they only gave you that much? is it easy to adjust the coils? the clutch squeaked today any suggestions?
Yeah, I guess they wanted to sell it quick.

Yeah the coils are easy to adjust. Gotta pop the lockrings lose and spin them up or down to lower or higher the car.

The clutch on those cars get squeaky from time to time depending on the weather and if the lube in that area dries out. Just needs to be re lubed.
yea just put some white lithum grease on it. you said you had the wrenches for the coils right? thinking bout adjusting it soon
Yeah there's a thread about it since several people have this problem . When the factory lube dries out you have to hit it up again . it's a pretty simple fix . yeah I have the wrenches for you I have to get with you sometime to drop them off .

I've only ever had to lube the clutch once in It's lifetime since I had the car. it lasts about 10 to 15,000 miles .
john i knew the whole time u were playing dumb lol. that car is yours LOL


this sunday recently...
Yeah lol! It was a sexyass car while it lasted. I still have mad love for Honda and the SI's. The 8thgen is still IMO timeless. It's still a work of art from Honda.
John do u still have the stock suspension? I'll buy it off u

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No unfortunately. I put them in the trunk of the SI when I traded it in cause they didn't know if they were going to need to swap the aftermarket coils with the OEM stuff. Turns out they didn't. They didn't even atleast give that stuff to Matt. WTF!? :shrug: even the stock OEM wheels I gave to them. Who knows what they did with all that stuff.
Should have sold me the suspension...

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Didn't know this was gonna happen.
That sucks. You could've atleast had an extra set of wheels. The OEM SI wheels. They were in mint condition. The tires were gone though LOL. They were the original michelins but were bald as Hell. I even put the "civic" and "SI" emblems in the car aswell. I removed them from the car but kept them. Everything I took off the SI I kept in my closet. Just incase.

Matt when is it a good time to drop by and give you the N+ wrenches?

How is the stiffness on them for you? Cause you can adjust the dampening to make them softer. I had them on pretty stiff.
sweet just called dealer said they had the stock parts still so hopefully get all the stock parts you gave them with the car john
:woot: there's a lot too! You won't be able to get those Enkei wheels off without the lug nut keys. I'm sure they still have them aswell. Also have the stock lug nuts for the OEM wheels aswell.
Yup got everything! John did you put a camber kit or just the coils?
No camber kit. Just running on the stock rear arms. That's why the rear tires are making a sound at higher speeds. Cause the inner part of the tires are cupping. Just rotate the fronts to the rear and it'll go away for the meantime until the other tires start to cup. But all that can be fixed with rear camber arms.
john move to orlando the 25th youy think you could swing by with the wrenches before then?
You moving up there? School or something?

But yeah I can do that.
sweet man! I heard thats a great school for auto maint repair etc.

I remember wanting to do that when I was younger. I looked into it but never followed through, *dumbass*

You gonna move back down to Fort Myers when you're done or stay up in Orlando?

There are alot of good meets up there from what I hear.
hey john you wouldnt happen to remember the radio code? i unplugged the battery and didnt even know the radio needed a code. you can text me (239)989-4123
Matt, look in the owners manual. It's there.
lol i found it as soon as i logged off. john im going to have to meet you for those wrenches im moving in 12 days
Yeah man we are. I tried to see you at work a couple times last week but you weren't there.

What about Sunday or next Wednesday?
This thread isn't as popular as some other FL threads. It doesn't surprise me though lol. I don't post much on here cause I have a WRX now. But I still come around on the 8th.
Selling the car cause its dead?.....:think:

The Si didn't last long with you huh? I traded up after 6 years.

And good luck finding an EVO that hasn't been romped on. I'm not a fan of Lexus period so no comment there.
its a joke. lol i already picked up a bunch of parts for my car... just waiting to put it on...
oh LOL! :pat: got me trippen over here meng!

I seen a black Si sedan the other day on 41 near the Honda dealership lowered with stock wheels, HFP lip kit and a passenger riding shotgun.

I think they were in fear of pulling up next to me for some reason. Maybe they thought I was going to be another WRX-STI douche bag or something :shrug:
Yeah that's the car. I guess that was you?

I don't mind seeing ex si buddies.
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