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Ft. Myers, Southwest Fl stuff???

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Hey, I've been on 8th for a while and I'm looking to step foot into maybe going to some meets. I live in the Fort Myers area. I do travel to Miami most of my weekends though. But I'm not sure where to start. I don't know anyone else with a 8th, so I'm totally new. I just love the cars and I wanna get to know some new people and maybe get some advice on my own ride.

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I'm the new orange 2010 Si in town (Cape Coral). Skunk2 coming through! I'm from the Doral/Miami area, CC has always been pretty dead but to whoever's out there: hit me up!
Any new members? I see alot of si around town. Speak up!
Times must have changed, or Cape Coral must be completely different - I haven't seen any Si's since I got here this past December.
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