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Ft. Myers, Southwest Fl stuff???

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Hey, I've been on 8th for a while and I'm looking to step foot into maybe going to some meets. I live in the Fort Myers area. I do travel to Miami most of my weekends though. But I'm not sure where to start. I don't know anyone else with a 8th, so I'm totally new. I just love the cars and I wanna get to know some new people and maybe get some advice on my own ride.

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I know I've invited a few of you already but we would love to have y'all come out and help represent for the 8thers :wavey:

Winterfest! If you live in FL there is no excuse not to go!!!
Do not, I repeat DO NOT rock the stockies!! I'm taking you off the list for Winterfest! :rotfl:
Linda Linda liiisten
Jordan Jordan, chill girl. I'm going hella stance for winterfest. It'll be my last hoorah :rotfl:
WTH, bro! You totally lied about disssss :pout:
hey I live in port charlotte, anyone know of any meets going on at all soon?
Hey, bro

We sorta switched on over to this thread now:


Much more active.
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