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Ft. Myers, Southwest Fl stuff???

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Hey, I've been on 8th for a while and I'm looking to step foot into maybe going to some meets. I live in the Fort Myers area. I do travel to Miami most of my weekends though. But I'm not sure where to start. I don't know anyone else with a 8th, so I'm totally new. I just love the cars and I wanna get to know some new people and maybe get some advice on my own ride.

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i got my 8thgen like a year ago and i havent take it to any meet here in ft myers
im from lehigh and i am crazy to tame my bby to a meet
yea and i want to change the color of the rims to white
so theres nothing going on tonight
or tomorrow
Looks good bro

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hey I need some tires for my rims does anyone knows where can I get good but no expensive tires
I can't help with the tires, but you have a black on black FG2 right? You don't happen to be around FGCU much do you? I swear I've seen a black on black FG2 like 8 times these past couple days and I can never seem to catch up to the guy before he disappears lol
bro i all way take 3oaks to to go back home from work in naples but i dont i dont pass by fgcu so it my be someone else
You know i allways get confuce with that lol
ALLOUTFA5 how did you paint the rims white ?
All i thought you did

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Guys i want to put the exhoust on my car
i already have it
but i want to know where can i go in th earea?
hey i have a question can put a si valve cover in my ex R18?
hey idk if people still in this forum but i have a question can i put a catback tsudo for a SI on my EX?
1 - 18 of 282 Posts
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