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Selling my

(2) Dual 12 inch subwoofers 250 watts rms.
(1) Two chamber seperated 12 inch enclosure.
(1) Power Acoustik 1440 Watt 2 channel amp.
(1) Fuse holder and 60 amp fuse.
And all wiring needed, including 4g power 4g ground and 16g amp turn on wire.

I will also sell the custom switch I installed if needed.

I paid a good amount for it brand new less than a year ago, and its been out of the car for half the time.

Price is $370 (+ shipping)

Photo of the custum button.

Fuse holder and fuse.

The amp.

Amp lit up.

Hooked up.

It sounds amazing in this configuration.

Get back to me if you want it thanks.
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