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FS: stock oem FG2 Si valve cover

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80 picked up
100 shipped

more pictures, close up paint scratches

aim: aznmix2
msn: [email protected]

pm me, message me, or email.
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im in htown now, buy me
hey man, sorry for delay, started up a new job and been busy. but i'll get in touch with you with in the next 2-3 days. still getting that VC from you buddy.
everyone says they want it but never follow through, bump ttt, still have 2 of them.
sold 1 got 1 left. prices are pretty firm for shipping and pick up, after shipping and paypal fees. I just need to make at least 80.
got 1 left still bump ttt
bump ttt
do you still have the one left? would you be willing to meet up in katy? im in austin and i hate driving around houston LOL!. lmk thanks dude
What are the "water spots" looking marks on the VC? I got $80 shipped for ya if you want a quick sale. LMK, thanks.
50 bucks shipped to me?
bump ttt
Is this still available? I really need this. $90 shipped? Please respond, thanks.
pm is best
bump ttt
bump ttt
bump, still have, probably just going to get it powder coated and resell.
updated with new pictures
unless your local, but yeah 100 paypaled, for price shipped anywhere in usa. After shipping and fees, just want to get money back if not going to powdercoat it.

had a guy monday ask for it already for 100 shipped. but I wanted to make sure he saw the paint scraps. But he is going to re do it also so no difference. Just waiting on first one to send payment.
21 - 38 of 38 Posts
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