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FS: stock oem FG2 Si valve cover

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80 picked up
100 shipped

more pictures, close up paint scratches

aim: aznmix2
msn: [email protected]

pm me, message me, or email.
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You still have this?
Pm me if you still got this. I'm in Houston so you don't have to ship
I have 2 of them actually, and i am in el paso right now.
PM me price shipped to 75013 (near Dallas).
I have 2 of them, they are both in el paso, prices are posted.
all prices are posted, TTT
bump ttt still have 2, they will be going with me to houston soon.
bump for my old valve cover
bump ttt
when and for how long are you going to be in houston?
going back to houston permanently for awhile.
still got them
Ey Chris, i got $60 for ya... shipped (shipping is $12 via USPS)

let me know.
... hmmm bump
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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