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Friendly reminder

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Since it is starting to get nice out and we have been meeting up a bit more then ususal I would like to point out a few things

1. No street racing...with in the group or while with the group
2. No aggressive driving...
3. No dam tailgating....this drives me retarded the most I have had this happen to me and have had complaints about this. Stay the hell back!!!!!

Remember this is for fun, I do not want to have to go to a funeral or visit your dumb ass in the hospital nor do I want to go to the hospital cause you think your civic is a rocket ship.

I will push to have members banned from joining these meets if rules can not be followed.

I am sure most of the members can agree to these rules and try there best to follow them

Safe driving everyone:vtec:
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I do not condone street racing cause I have seen the carnage that it can produced. I will not be a hypocrite and save that I have never street raced, I have we all have. But even when you do have some common sense about it.
See you said lunchtime :p
There are no qualifiers when it comes to street racing. You can't have common sense about it, because it is completely nonsensical.
That said everyone here knows they shouldn't be naughty when they're out and about so it just remains to be seen whether the theoretical can become the practical :thumb:
I never leading the pack again:xyxnervou
Next time we have a big cruise/meet, I think we should have a little meeting before we set off. Just so everyone is on the same page in terms of driving etiquette.
^ you got that right...or just split into two groups and each group have designated leader to follow
I think a little drivers meeting before a longer cruise would be a good idea. And as far a etiquette goes. I believe that we are all mature enough to not have to be governed by lots of rules during meets. That being said we should not drive any worse as a group than we do by ourselves. Just remember especially when as a larger group our actions not only reflect on ourselves but the whole community.
^Excellent Ideas!

I can volunteer to lead a pack of people at the next "big" meet. I can use the GPS to get to the destination, or even Rpm2 can lead. I think he's a pretty good and consistent driver. ^_^
^ Not to be rude/bossy, but I don't think you're a good choice to lead the pack. One of the older members will be more suited to do that because we know each other's driving habits (more or less). So we know what to expect from each other. Being a new member, you have no idea how we behave on cruises.

I led the pack of 18 cars to Whistler back in May and it was very successful. We had a few new members, but they fell right in line with everyone else.

With enough experience at our meets/cruises, you'll begin to "know" our driving style, so you won't be caught off-guard if you're leading.
^ amen..i vouch marc and susan as our leaders..even dennis would be good choice imo!
1chin3s3_b0i said:
^ amen..i vouch marc and susan as our leaders..even dennis would be good choice imo!

I choose to be at the back, I like looking at bums..lol.

To be honest I would perfer the back so I can keep us together, I know most of the city well and getting to know Richmond alot better since we have been having meets there.

tottally off topic, anyone wanna go swimming tommorow.
^ yeah same here i like either being near the front following the leader or fall back in pack
So looks like VCC has a Fast N Furious wannabe. Look what happened to him when I reported his post. Yep, VCC mods banned him.

marc-o-lishuz said:
What did they tell ICBC, lol.
Hope this never happens to us.
HabaneroGuy said:
What did they tell ICBC, lol.
Hope this never happens to us.
Wow that is FUBAR.

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Guys and Sleepy, here is my input:

To have a proper cruise, all you need is one person who knows the area very well to be the leader. The reason why Marc was very successful with the Whistler cruise was that he knows the landmark well from a previous cruise. Hell if there was a meet in Richmond, I will most likely volunteer to be the leader since I grew up, work AND live in Richmond; and I know my ways around. If you ask me to lead the pack somewhere other than Richmond, **** that because I know if I make a stupid mistake due to my inexperience with the area, it will cause a chain reaction. (I’m not trying to be cocky but I’m trying to prove a point)

Next, a lot of people tailgate because it is the norm living in Vancouver. A lot of people have no common sense to drive defensively until it is too late (ie running through a yellow light on purpose when incoming cars are turning left). I notice that some of the members do not leave enough space from the person in front of them. If you are driving at highway speeds, leave more room between the car in front of you than if you are driving at city speeds! Personally, I leave 3-5 car length driving in the city and 8-10 car lengths when I drive on the highway. I get flamed a lot for driving like this from my friends and feel free to flame all you want but I care about my car a lot. You can tell from those people who tailgate have a lot of paint chips all over their front of their car. Do not blame the paint; blame yourself for following too close.

So for the next cruise, all you need is someone who is familiar with the territory to lead and for the rest of you, leave tons of room from the person in front of you! Who cares if someone cuts in front of you and breaks up the pack. The pack will eventually come back together. Also, the point of a cruise is to drive safely, relax, and to enjoy the scenery, not to make it to the destination as quickly as possible.

It is that simple!
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I totally agree with you Lonely, but no offence to other members and quotes like, we tailgate to keep up or we drive aggressively because we are falling behind is BS in my eyes, this city has way to many bad drivers as it is and we do not need bad drivers with us in the group.

Again, the point of this thread was just a reminder to drive safe, we are as a group, and we as that group pretty much represent 8thcivic.com and any other group we are part of. Remember we drive civics’ which already have a bad name in Vancouver and Richmond due to the numerous street races that have lead to the death of a RCMP officer in Richmond as well as other people being killed because they think any city street is there personal drag strip.

Driving for me is second nature, I have been driving for close to 16 years, I do not have track training or any other kind of driver training. I have yet to get a speeding ticket(not sure why I haven't gotten one...besides the point), to tell ya all the truth I have never even gotten a parking ticket. The only accident I was involved in that had someone else invovled, wasn't my fault.

:coffee: Not awake yet....When is the next meet?
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ouch that 240 crash looks brutal..three car hit?
1chin3s3_b0i said:
ouch that 240 crash looks brutal..three car hit?
4 actually - all write-offs too.

3 cars were stopped, then some n00b member gunns it (from the back) and was doing 100km/h in a 60 zone. He couldn't stop in time and caused a chain-reaction crash. All cars involved were written-off and they didn't get much because they're older cars.
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