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ok well i have an 07 SI sedan and my brother has a 06 tc so i've spent lots of time in the tc and i mean lots of driving time.

on gas mileage.. tc gets as much as the Si ........... tc 23/30 Si 23/32 and civic lx/ex 30/38
(07 numbers) so as a commuter the reg civic owns the tc, even the Si gets better mileage so...

power wise, the mt tc will own a regular civic but is not as fast as the Si for sure.. those numbers are tc 160hp 163 lb tq reg civic 140hp 128 lb tq and Si 197 hp 139 lb tq

build wise, i have not been inside of a reg civic for long and have not had a chance to drive it so i cant help so much there but from what i have seen the interior build quality is superior over the tc. tc's clutch pedal is very stiff, (could bee due to my brothers mileage about 40k) which means tiresome in traffic driving. and shifter is long in comparison to the Si.. like i said i don't know how the reg civic is and i wouldn't doubt its the same length. shift action is not bad, its smooth, i believe it could be a bit more solid but a light soft shifter is not bad for daily commuting.

in summary for the same price as a reg civic the mt tc is much quicker and feels a lot more powerful with 163 lb tq, something our Si's don't even have. but its gets as much mpg as the Si. so
tc power wise BIG TIME reg civic mpg BIG TIME and i would have to say reg civic for reliability / build quality from what i've seen
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