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PM me if you are interested in any of the items. I'd prefer not to break up the the kicks/sails because they are much more useful together. First come first serve since they are free...

Pulled the speakers out in favor of speakers that play real sound:

Fiberglassed kick and sail panels that will fit a coupe. I glassed them in a '07 SI, so they will at least fit '06-'08, not sure about '09. The fit on them is satisfactory, but not exceptional. The ugly unpainted part on the base of each is not seen because the floor panels cover them. They could be sanded to fit better, but I just don't want to put any more time into them since I'm not going to use them. Might need a repaint depending on how picky you are. They will fit 6.5in speakers, or 5in with modification.

Passenger kick:

Driver kick:

Sail panels:
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