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Hey guys,

Short story is that I've bought 2 cheap aftermarket kits just for the fog light housing (as well as the Morimoto XB LED lights). I've installed the harness of the cheaper EBay kit, but the housing didn't sit well (why I bought another, more "trusted" brand).

I'm good now, but I have 2 pairs of unused fog lights, and unused wiring harness and switch. There's a pair of clear fog lights, and a pair of yellow tinted lights. The wiring harness is from Spyder.

The only catch is that the housing's a piece of sh*t (from the other generic brand). You'd have to deal with that yourself... And... Not all the screws might be there. Lol. Nothing a quick trip the the hardware store can't fix.

Maybe you have a cracked fog light or a burnt bulb. Use this thing for parts!

Just pick it up or meet in the South Bay (Milpitas/Fremont/San Jose Area?) since I'd be free, I'd rather not ship it. Message me.


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