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They drive like retards all day and this time it was my chance to get to know one of them closer..

Today i was sitting in my car getting ready to leave and this smart truck driver was into reverse and boom hit my rear end slightly..I swear by god he did NOT even look or use his rear view mirrors....

He scraped the bumper (which was not in a good condition anyway) and left a nice small dent on the wing..of course, he is in fault, when i asked "how the **** did you manage to hit me?!?!" and told him that the wing was worth 600$ he almost stopped breathing :pat:

Anyway his insurance will cover a new paint job for both the rear bumper and wing...i hope the garage they chose wont screw up my car, will hopefully pick her up on sunday...

If someone else try to mess with my car, they will not leave alive.
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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