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FR X - Full Race 10th Anniversary sale!!!

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We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary but throwing one of our biggest sales ever!:eek:hsnap:

Get 20% off on all manifolds, turbo kits, traction balls, and free shipping on the exhaust systems in the lower 48.

Please give us a call to 602-437-2101 ext:613 to get the special pricing or to place an order.:woowoo:

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Are you guys doing any price drops on other stuff? Like free shipping on all apparel! :shh:
At the moment, just the items listed, however we also have wheels from ADVAN, VOLK and SSR on special if anyone is looking for wheels. :)

Totally overlooked this.

I'll be looking to order a set of spherical LCA bushings soon.

You have a PM gentlemen.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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