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Ford recalling nearly 226,000 vehicles!

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Ford recalled nearly 4 million vehicles in September because of the risk of engine fires.
yah, that's not good for business either.
"gas tanks could snap off" OMG that is pretty bad, imagine driving behind one of these cars and then boom you hit a gas tank at a speed of 50 mph at this point you pretty much are inflamed (<- im not sure if its a real word) and die... damn thats bad
HOLY effin crap!!!!!!! :eek:mg: this is y i will always drive japanese cars! thats is crazy! i dont think i will ever drive in or behind another ford again.. :eek:hnoes: lol imagine that happening though... then they could really stand up to their name Found On Road Dead!!!
06civicex said:
That's why I call them ford "exploders".;)
More like stinkin' Lincoln's
no problems with my F-150 supercrew...drives fine, no fire starting or anything.
Meh, Ford always has recalls.

I doubt it will stop many from buying a 2011 Mustang or Fiesta.
If anyone ever asks me why I always talk **** on american cars...here is why.
If anyone ever asks me why I always talk **** on american cars...here is why.
LOL... and Toyota??? Didn't they recall like 15 million vehicles? And you wanna talk **** on american cars?
Galaxygrey is having fun bumping old threads today...lol
lol for anyone who isn't getting the joke....which is essentially everyone who's replied after galaxygrey.
I just replied to Asif dissing American automakers when every company has issues :)
Lame, this thread is like half a decade old
Anytime the words "engine" and "fire" are in the same sentence it's pretty much guaranteed to be a bad time
I think in 6 years they got this fixed so I can still buy my 2011 Mustang GT lol
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