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tomasro said:
I know when I test drove the Scion tC, it was a bit short for me :banghead: . I am 6'4" and am worried that I'm going to be too big for this hot ride.

Does anyone know whether or not the Si will accomodate me or should I start looking at other lesser rides?

Also, I heard there was an issue from the edmunds.com article that the view of the speedometer was obscured by the steering wheel. Anyone have this happened to them as well?

:help: :xyxnervou
what do you consider short ? im 6"3' , and i dont hit my head on the roof...
And go sit in a Civic Coupe, that will give you the best idea of how the Si will fit you. They are out now...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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