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roll in for Funk Master Flex Show

$5000 for best team guyz that a lot of dough

Funkmaster Flex Custom Car & Bike Show Boston Load In Tweeter Center Mansfield, MA July 30, 2005

Vehicle Roll In

Vehicle Roll In for Boston is 8am-12pm on Sat July 30th. You will form a line in rear of building by loading dock. We will be accepting day of registration on a first come first serve basis. Preregistered vehicles will be admitted and have priority on spacing and location. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be given 2 wristbands, one for driver and one for passenger. Please do not bring more than one person at load in. THEY WILL NOT GET IN. They must wait until gates are open. Gates open @ 1pm .

Fuel & Car Requirements

It is an outdoor event so no fuel and battery limitations will be enforced.


Each vehicle is allotted a 10’x20’ space. No sponsor banners are allowed. You may setup a display as to your liking.
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